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High-Quality Fresh Produce More Global Farms To Your Door

Sustainability Starts At Farm
Sustainable Outsourcing

Finding the farms that produce high quality products

Responsible Planting

We are working with farms that stick to a healthy method of planting.

Clean Logistic

We are using companies that are moving forward with clean energy transportation and didtserbuation facilities.

Waste Disposal

Minimizing waste of bi products during prosses.

Certified Farms

We are working with certified farms that regulated in their own country and in the USA

Garden Care

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Why Choose Us

Our Farms Network

In addition to our existed Farm Network. Having someone that is good at sourcing on your side can save and make your company more money at the same time giving you an edge on the competition. With our technology, travel, conferences, and association, we developed an extensive network of farmers and agricultural professional that benefit our client greatly.

Storage and logistics

The Perishable Cargo Regulations (PCR) manual is the worldwide standard for the preparation, packaging and handling of time- and temperature-sensitive goods. It includes a comprehensive classification of hundreds of perishable commodities and the most up-to-date information, including specific rules regarding the transport of perishable cargo.

Quality and Assurance

At HB Produce We expect all our suppliers to agree to our strict procedure descriptions and business ethic. In return, we offer continuity in business as long as our standards are met. Our fresh fruit and vegetables are imported directly from growers around the world who are carefully selected for their consistent high quality of produce, reliability, and professionalism.

Keeping Up with Technology

Today’s market constantly demands upgraded innovative products. Companies like us have little choice but to deliver faster, better and smarter product and business solutions than the competition. In this process, our speed to innovate and time-to-market could be your only differentiator.

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